Unlocking Leadership Success: Insights from Innovator David Gadis on Key Traits of an Effective Leader

About the Episode:

Most people take water for granted until something that is water-related happens. Try to go half a day or full without water and see how that works for you. You will come to understand why water is life. Therefore, how can water companies partner with and support minority groups in this important commodity?

D.C Waters is one of the world’s largest wastewater treatment plant that has embraced diversity and inclusion in its organization. The firm has leveled the ground for equity and equality, allowing minority businesses to thrive and become primes. Join the conversation with David Gadis as we dive more into this subject. 

David is the CEO and General Manager at D.C Water, one of the country’s biggest and most well-known water companies. Mr. Gadis is in charge of a team of around 1,200 workers and a budget of $1 billion annually. Since joining DC Water in May 2018, he has redefined the organization’s mission and prioritized a new strategic plan. This entails enhancing employee and customer involvement and a dedication to performance planning and business process improvement. Previously, he worked as the chief executive and president of Veolia Water Indianapolis, when the company operated the city’s system.

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Here’s What You’ll Get In This Episode

[00:20] Episode intro and a quick bio of today’s guest; David Gadis

[03:54] David’s love for basketball and how he pivoted

[05:52] Why business and not athletics?

[06:44] How David got into the water industry

[08:15] Why David’s work with water is very important

[10:11] DC water is the largest advanced wastewater treatment plant in the world

[12:33] Three most important lessons David has learned in his career

[14:10] How mentors have impacted David’s life 

[15:00] David’s favorite quotes

[17:10] His strategic thought on diversity inclusion

[19:21] The future of minority businesses based on the past and current

[20:28] Golden nuggets from the guest 

[22:01] Ending the show and call to action

Notable Quotes

  • Most people take water for granted until something happens that is water-related.
  • Water is a key ingredient in the production process of any industry.
  • Water is life, and without it, we will not have it. 
  • As a leader, always start with understanding your weaknesses. That helps to bring the right people in to help you with those weaknesses, so you can continue putting your strengths on the table. 
  • You cannot reach your vision without a strategic plan.
  • “You can’t hoot with the owls and then soar with the eagles at dawn.”

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