Mrs. Loida Nicolas Lewis- A Life of Determination, Resilience, and Self-belief

About the Episode:

Welcome to another captivating Hotchat podcast episode where Mrs. Loida Lewis joins us as we discuss the fascinating and engaging true story of her personal journey, which includes her leading a billion-dollar business empire. Loida’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and determination in overcoming societal and cultural barriers to achieve success. In her memoir, Loida emphasizes the significance of love, family, and personal growth in one’s journey toward success. Lewis inspires readers with her entrepreneurial spirit and showcases the potential for women, particularly those from diverse backgrounds, to thrive in the business world.

Loida Nicolas Lewis is a prominent Filipino American businesswoman and lawyer. She was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States to pursue higher education. Lewis earned her law degree from the University of the Philippines College of Law and later obtained her Master of Laws degree from Harvard Law School. She is widely recognized for her achievements in business, particularly as the widow of Reginald F. Lewis, an American businessman and the first African American to build a billion-dollar company. Loida Lewis has also been actively involved in philanthropy and advocacy work. 

Here’s What You’ll Get In This Episode

[00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of today’s guest; Mrs. Loida Lewis

[06:51] How long Loida’s book has been in the making

[09:21] Support and criticism of Loida’s decision to start everything with prayer at TLC Beatrice International

[11:01] Why Loida’s father wanted her to be an attorney

[14:06] A job that changed Loida’s love life

[24:14] Her decision to sue INS and why

[26:01] How Loida’s marriage worked while both being type A personalities

[32:46] Comparison between doing business in Paris and the U.S

[39:24] How Loida’s daughters ended up in the Jack and Jill film

[42:18] Mrs. Loida’s industrious spirit and the business ventures she got into

[44:38] Reginald F. Lewis’ illness and death

[50:02] The inevitable hard decisions Loida had to make

[57:54] What’s next for Loida!

[58:46] A few questions from the audience

[01:02:26] Ending the show and call to action

Notable Quotes

  • You have to be true to yourself; nobody will try to argue against you once you are.
  • While your children are growing up, give them the values of life. Tell them verbally, and they will hear and understand them.
  • In order to create wealth, you must do mergers and acquisitions. 
  • Women can do everything they dream of, but not all at the same time 
  • The goal is always to create wealth, not build an empire-
  • Everything will be all right in the end. If it is not all right, then it is not the end.

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Loida Lewis’ Book : Why Should Guys Have All the Fun?: An Asian American Story of Love, Marriage, Motherhood, and Running a Billion-Dollar Empire:

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