HotChat Featuring David Gardner, The Chief Rule Breaker of The Motley Fool

About the Episode:

Every person has a dream of achieving financial freedom. Most people start with small investments to gain knowledge and experience before they move on to bigger things. But what if there was an easier way to get started? What if you could invest in the stock market, index funds through your 401k or IRA, and start saving up for the future? How do you navigate investing in today’s unstable economy? Join today’s hotchat conversation with David Gardner and learn how to be financially free by investing in the stock market.

David is the Co-Founder and Chief Rule Breaker of The Motley Fool, a financial service company he started in 1993 alongside his brother Tom. In the same way, Shakespeare, the court gesture or Fool, was the one person with the license to speak the truth to the king and queen; the Motley Fool has been speaking the truth to Wall Street for 26 years, empowering millions of people to take control of their financial lives. As the chief rule breaker, David wears many hats as an investor, podcaster, author, and lecturer. He has also developed his own style of investing called rule breaker and vesting, which seeks to invest ahead of the crowd in the most innovative companies.

Here’s What You’ll Get In This Episode

[00:10] Episode intro and a quick bio of today’s guest; David Gardner

[05:15] The skyrocketed debt ceiling and what that means now and to the future

[07:41] How David’s entrepreneurship spirit was inspired as a child

[10:25] How can parents lay the entrepreneurship spirit in their children

[13:34] When to engage David’s company in your investment journey

[15:37] Two things you must be prepared for as an investor

[17:59] How to determine where you want to invest your money in

[21:13] David’s greatest achievements and what he would wish to go back and undo

[25:35] David’s foundation and his passion for diversity and inclusion 

[37:00] David’s predictions of the future from the current economic standpoint

[40:15] His golden nuggets and advice to entrepreneurs

[41:36] Ending the show and call to action

Notable Quotes

  • The skyrocketing debt ceiling in the US has been due to inflation. Inflation has also caused the stock market to lose a third of its value.
  • Inflation is the worst thing an economic system can have because it undermines the value of almost everything.
  • Everyone is trying to live a good life and leave something for their kids. Entrepreneurship is the greatest and most dependable way to get there. 
  • The hardest thing is not opening a savings account. It is saving money and being disciplined and regular. 
  • Historically one in every three years, the stock market declines. You are likely going to lose money.
  • Always put your money in stocks for companies that you admire.
  • We all have our values, and our monies should be invested in companies aligned with our values. That is not only satisfying. It works and rewards well.
  • If you are not risking, you are not winning.
  • Entrepreneurs need a positive mindset to make mistakes. In your investing journey, they are inevitable. Use them as opportunities.
  • Try to live in the future and go backward to make the best investment decisions.

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