Senator Van Hollen|| The Legislation and Opportunities for Minority Businesses

About the Episode:

The opportunities for minority businesses are diverse and often overlooked, but not anymore. The legislation is changing this to help them succeed. As you will learn from Senator Hollen, the legislation in the US has been shifting to help minority business owners succeed. The American job, the American rescue plan, and other bills in the Senate are expected to shift the paradigm by creating equal opportunities and bridging the inequality gap. We all want to fight this virus once and for all, and the government is helping us pave the way by creating bills to help families, workers, and small businesses that have been hit hard to contribute to the economy. Keeping you informed about the opportunities available and how you can support legislation is one way of enhancing equal access and an economy that works for all. This is our goal.

Join the conversation with Senator Van Hollen as he shares important insights on legislation for minority businesses and how you can benefit from them. Senator Hollen was elected to the Senate by the people of Maryland in November 2016. His top priorities include creating more and better jobs, strengthening small businesses, and increasing education and job training opportunities for individuals of all ages in every community. Hollen started his time in public service as a member of the Maryland state legislature. In 2015, he released the Comprehensive Plan to address the problems of growing inequality in America and provide the blueprint for building an economy that works for everyone. Senator Hollen is proud to have worked successfully with members of both parties to pass bipartisan legislation. He sits on the appropriation committee, Banking, houses, and urban affairs committee, Foreign affairs committee, and budget committee. 

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Here’s What You’ll Get In This Episode

[00:30] Introduction to the show

[03:56] Senator Hollen’s background, mission, and achievement as the elected senate

[06:57] What inspired Senator Hollen to get into the public service 

[09:18] For The People Act and how it’s intended to protect minority rights to vote 

[12:06] How minority business leaders can strengthen the democracy 

[13:55] Senator Hollen’s perspective on what is happening to the Asian community

[16:20] The George Floyd Justice and policing act and community response act and what they will accomplish  

[20:31] American job plan AKA the modernized infrastructure act and its purpose

[22:52] The goals of the American job bill in closing income and wealth gaps 

[25:50] How to be prepared for the opportunities that will arise for the small business 

[28:33] The available opportunities that you can take advantage of as a minority business

[30:41] American rescue plan and community-based lending 

[33:49] What the government is doing to protect the minority rights and education access

[35:59] Ending the show and call to action

Notable Quotes

  • As business leaders, we have an obligation to speak out to strengthen our democracy.
  • Any successful business must be part of a community that adheres to the fundamental principles and the rule of law.

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