Where is the Money Part VI: Exclusive Conversation with DMV’s Leading Advocates

About the Episode:

Minority businesses still have difficulty re-entering the market even though the US economy has been recovering well from the Covid-19 pandemic. One possible reason is that there is little information on what resources to go after and grants.

Join this exclusive conversation with DMVs Leading Advocates; Secretary Jimmy Rhee (MD), Director Kristi C. Whitfield (DC), and Director Tracey G. Wiley (VA). This will be a conversation with our local government officials in DC, MD & VA to discuss what their agencies are doing to assist minority businesses as they embark on re-opening and re-entry. We will also discuss barriers and what resources, grants, and funding may be available to assist MBEs.

Featuring Panelists are;

  • Jimmy Rhee- Special Secretary, Maryland Governor’s Office of Small Minority & Women Business Affairs. 
  • Kristi C. Whitfield-  Director, DC Department of Small and Local Business Development. 
  • Tracey G. Wiley- Director, Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (DSBS)

Tune in!

Here’s What You’ll Get In This Episode

[02:24] A warm welcome by the moderator; Sharon Pinder

[03:18] This webinar’s agenda and introduction to the team

[09:19] Fireside chat with the Panelists

[09:32] A quick poll

[11:01] It’s a fact that more small businesses need financial help!

[15:05] What Jimmy’s office is offering to help small businesses stay afloat

[19:49] Questions for Secretary Rhee

[23:52] A bit about Virginia’s DSBSD agency- Director Tracey G. Wiley (VA)

[29:45] Source of their data about MBEs that didn’t get funding

[30:32] How small businesses can find opportunities with the DSBSD agency

[32:47] Questions for Director Tracey G. Wiley

[37:12] What’s going on in the District of Columbia- Director Kristi C. Whitfield (DC)

[39:08] Recovering the economy of Columbia from the effects of the covid pandemic

[44:01] Small business opportunities available in the district of Columbia

[47:38]  Questions for Director Kristi C. Whitfield (DC)

[54:30] Ticket give-away

[59:18] Open Chat questions

[01:19:37] Wrap-up and call to action 

Notable Quotes

  • Sometimes stopping is not a sign of defeat or failure. You don’t always need to be chasing things. Sit back and re-focus.

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