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About the Episode:

The sales leader is responsible for driving strategy, setting goals, and mobilizing the sales team to achieve those goals. Successful businesses understand that the market is constantly changing and must adapt rapidly in order to stay competitive.

Gain insights into how to grow sales from an executive who leads the US Field Sales organization of a $2.5B minority-owned business enterprise. Quentin Gayles is the Vice President of National Solution Sales for Zones. In this episode, he shares how they help clients accomplish their IT objectives with a global network of experts and partners that provide strategic planning, integration and logistics, supply chain management, project management, and best practices methodology. Also, learn how MBEs can connect with Zones to find opportunities.

Quentin’s primary focus is enabling client success. He leads the US Field Sales organization and is responsible for executing company strategy and recruiting top sales and management talent. He also provides cross-functional leadership and fosters executive collaboration with OEMs and Partners. He is a practiced sales leader with demonstrated ability to earn client trusted adviser status through reliable delivery of technology and business solutions to satisfy quantifiable business outcomes. Able to combine innovative sales, business, and technical acumen to overachieve large sales quotas as an individual contributor and leader.

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Here’s What You’ll Get In This Episode

[00:12] Episode intro and a quick bio of today’s guest

[05:26] Who’s Quentin Gayles, and how did he get into what he does

[07:56] The holy grail in sales that fired his financial rockets

[09:25] How long has Quentin worked in the Zone’s Organization?

[12:43] Key factors to focus on when building a sales organization

[14:33] The talent you hire is depended on what’s happening in your industry

[16:24] How the strategies mentioned have helped Zones to grow

[18:31] Understand the changing market dynamics & use them to your advantage

[20:23] How Zones has responded to the labor resignations and talent shortages

[22:26] How will the Zones keep technology solutions flowing despite the global challenges

[25:34] Minority businesses taking advantage of the Zones’ supply diversity program

[28:51] How the future of the Zones look like

[30:35] Ending the show and call to action

Notable Quotes

  • A successful sales business starts with a self-assessment of what you are good at and then a plan.
  • Your target market is depended on what’s happening in the market.
  • A successful business is able to understand how the market dynamics are changing and position itself to grow and address that change.
  • Business is about relationships.

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