Selena Cuffe|| How Women Are Taking The Lead And Making A Difference

About the Episode:

Women are taking the lead and making a difference in the world by doing what they are passionate about, even though society still puts them down. For this reason, we have women everywhere, from the CEO to the C-suite. They are showing up, and this month as we celebrate 50 years of existence, we’re highlighting their courage and confidence to achieve and take up their role of creating value. We are all capable of excellence, taking on leadership roles, and making a difference in our space. Whether you are a woman, a person of color, or from a minority group, it doesn’t matter. You can make a change and be the change you want to see. Don’t let the society prevent you from rising to the top of your game. Show up, take the lead and do what makes you stand out. Having confidence in your pursuit is the key to its manifestation. 

Join the conversation with Selena Cuffe as she shares her journey as a legendary woman, the Heritage Link Brand, and how she was responsible for award-winning strategic initiatives that have accelerated business outcomes. Serena is the co-founder of Heritage Links Brands, a global portfolio of diverse Award-Winning Wines, and the president of Sodexo Magic. She founded the 600-million-dollar venture in 2006 between NBA Hall of Famer, Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, and French food and facility management company. Her authority includes business transformation, digitalization, corporate strategy, agile operations, change management, marketing corporate social responsibilities. Her accomplishments include serving as the overseer of studies and advisory council at Stanford University, being vice president Merida of the global alumni board at Harvard business school, serving on the audit committee of the Harvard business school, and chairing the nominating and governance committee for Harvard school.

Here’s What You’ll Get In This Episode

[00:20] Introduction to the show and a quick description of the host

[01:35] A little bit about today’s guest, Selena Cuffe

[02:28] A brief history of Selena and her authorities in Sodexo magic

[05:30] Selena’s childhood, education background, and the position she holds in businesses.

[09:24] Reasons why Selena had a challenging life at Stanford

[13:25] Serena’s Linkages to Ghana through Ashanti tribe and Timmy tribe.

[16:15] The struggle of the essential frontline worker and Selena’s mission in this space.

[19:25] How Selena ended up in Harvard and United Airlines  

[20:24] How confidence in pursuing your vision can help you make things happen 

[24:16] About Heritage Link Brands and how it came together after 9/11  

[28:09] How Selena met her husband and married In April of 2005

[31:31] Selena’s experience in the first annual Soweto wine festival changed her career 

[35.18] How Selena launched her wine the business and later added to the Sodexo magic 

[42:12] Selena’s three children and what she is training them to become in the world

[44:42] How to learn more with Sodexo Magic and Heritage Link brand.

[49:21] Ending the show and acknowledging the sponsors

Notable Quotes

  • It is important to have various options in life. 
  • We as people are capable of excellence, and let no one tell you otherwise 
  • There is power in networks, options, and taking advantage of being at the right place at the right time.
  • Having the confidence to pursue your passion can help you make things happen.

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