Smart Stock Investment Strategies for Financial Freedom with David Gardner

About the Episode:

Investing in stocks is one way to build wealth and financial freedom. However, it can be overwhelming when you are new in the game, don’t know where to invest, or want fast, easy profit. Stock investment is not all about putting out your money in stocks. It’s about investing your money in great companies whose culture and values align with yours and allowing them to go out there and win. Stock investment is not a rich-quick strategy. It requires patience and knowledge, don’t try to play day-trader. Where and how you invest your money counts; if you do it right, it can be your vehicle of wealth and financial freedom. It’s the financial literacy month, and you can afford to miss what we have for you in-store. 

Join the conversation with David Gardener as he shares about co-founder stocks, investing and financial freedom. David is the Co-Founder and Chief Rule Breaker of The Motley Fool, a financial service company he started in 1993 alongside his brother Tom. In the same way, Shakespeare the court gesture or Fool was the one person with the license to speak the truth to the king and queen; the Motley Fool has been speaking truth to Wall Street for 26 years, empowering millions of people to take control of their financial lives. As the chief rule breaker, David wears many hats as an investor, podcaster, author, and lecturer. He has also developed his own style of investing called rule breaker and vesting, which seeks to invest ahead of the crowd in the most innovative companies.

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Here’s What You’ll Get In This Episode

[00:30] Introduction to the show

[03:38] David’s background and career journey

[06:53] David’s perspective on yesterday’s verdict in regard to justice  

[08:59] Unlocking financial freedom for all and what Motley Fool is in this space

[12:10] How David and Tom started The Motley Fool and their wave of achievement 

[16:00] Their journey and transition from working in a garage to great success  

[18:02] How to invest in stock and how you can leverage The Motley Fool services  

[20:38] How The Motley Fool makes your investing easier and profitable 

[22:42] The debts that you should eliminate before you start investing in the stock

[24:18] How to invest in the stock market for your children and grandchildren

[27:49] The strategy for investing in stock when nearing your retirement 

[31:04] David’s recommendation on what employers can set up for their employees 

[34:40] David’s love for games and The Motley Fool stock market game ‘Investor Island.”

[37:19] About Game Stock and lessons that you can learn from it 

[40:56] Pump and dump and what it means in the stock market

[42:37] Spiffy pops concept and why it’s the real way to riches in the stock market 

[45:20] Ending the show and call to action

Notable Quotes

  • Before you start investing in the stock market, make sure you minimize your bad debts.
  • Tract your age from 100 to where you are to see the percentage you should have in stock
  • Many businesses start multiple times to find success, and that is part of resilience.  
  • Stock investment involves patience, finding great companies, and letting them go out there and win. 
  • To succeed in stock investment, don’t jump in and out, and don’t buy Penny stock pump and dump schemes.

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