How Major Industries Adapt to COVID 19 Recovery-Transportation, Gaming, and Hospitality

About the Episode:

The Coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected all business areas, but the transportation, entertainment, and hospitality industries have been particularly hard hit. The transportation sector has been hit hardest by cancellations or shortened schedules in air travel and by a decrease in sales from people staying at home instead of traveling. The leisure and entertainment industry has also suffered from a decrease in tourism as well as.

This will be a discussion with key transportation, entertainment, and hospitality leaders to better understand how they have adjusted their business operations due to the covid pandemic. As a minority and women-owned business owner, you’ll know how they had to pivot, their plans for re-opening and how they might now identify opportunities within these organizations.

Featuring Panelists are;

  • Linda Theisen- VP of Corporate Procurement, Hilton.
  • Randy Conry- SVP and General Manager, Horseshoe Casino.
  • Ricky Smith- CEO Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

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Here’s What You’ll Get In This Episode

[02:36] A warm welcome by the host; Sharon Pinder, President, and CEO

[05:08] This webinar’s agenda and introduction to the team

[12:06] Fireside chat with Linda Theisen, VP of Corporate Procurement

[12:26] No crisis comes close to the covid-19 pandemic in her corporate life

[13:11] How the hospitality industry has been adversely affected 

[14:34] Measures they’ve put in place at Hilton

[18:40] Possible opportunities in the future and her advice to MBEs

[20:03] Questions and Answers

[25:12] Fireside chat with Randy Conry, SVP and General Manager

[26:17] How he had to pivot the President’s declaration of Covid emergency

[29:30] Recovering revenues and customers

[32:01] The expectations and his recommendations to small businesses

[36:18] Questions and Answers

[42:31] Fireside chat with Ricky Smith

[43:25] Navigating the pandemic in the travel space

[49:33] Re-training the employees on safety measures

[51:35] How small and MBEs can recover from the pandemic within the airport premises

[53:45] Questions and answers

[59:10] Southwest Airline Ticket Give-Away

[01:01:16] Open Chat questions

[01:10:36] Wrap-up and call to action 

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