CMMC-The Future of Cybersecurity

About the Episode:

Welcome to this highly informative discussion today on a topic that too often we are compelled to confront involuntarily. How many times have you or your business been hacked? How many times have you noticed a phishing expedition on your computer, where there are bad actors everywhere, terrorists, criminals, pranksters, and others? How is the U.S government responding to these acts of espionage of war in the cyber world? Let’s dive in together in this conversation.

With the requirement of CMMC certification before engaging in any federal contract, it’s good to know how our businesses will be impacted and how MBEs will be absorbed into this cost of doing business. You will also learn the rules of engagement and where to find expert advice and needed resources. 

This will be a discussion with key leaders in the information technology industry to better understand how they have had to adjust their business operations and steps taken to ensure the security of intellectual property.  We will also have a representative from one of our local defense contractors share information on what our minority businesses need to do to prepare to work with them on DoD contracts. 

Featuring Panelists are;

  • Dennis Smith- Director, MBDA Business Centre, Washington DC.
  • Katie Arrington- Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Defense 
  • Matt Vepraskas- Director, Enterprise Category Management Procurement and Enterprise partnerships, Leidos.
  • Mark Evans- CEO, Share Tech Solutions.
  • Michael Cardaci- CEO, FedHIVE.

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Here’s What You’ll Get In This Episode

[00:11] A warm welcome by the moderator; Sharon Pinder

[01:37] This webinar’s agenda and introduction to the team

[08:16] Fireside chat with the Panelists

[09:21] What has been going on at the MBDA Business Center

[10:56] Meet Katie Arrington, the DoD CISO 

[12:42] Who’s most likely to be hacked in a company

[14:06] National security recommendations by the solarium from cyber attacks

[18:40] Do you really need the CMMC certification?

[23:00] Questions for Katie concerning CMMC certification

[33:56] Meet Mark Evans and Michael Cardaci

[34:33] Cybersecurity is a real threat

[37:56] How CMMC is going to affect small businesses, and how should they prepare

[39:01] Questions for Mark and Michael

[44:05] Meet Matt Vepraskas- Director at Leidos

[45:04] Matt’s responsibility for the supply chain, risk management, and resiliency programs 

[47:36] His advice to small businesses doing business with Leidos regarding CMMC

[50:48] Questions for Matt

[53:56] Open Chat questions

[58:11] Wrap-up and call to action

Notable Quotes

  • Implementing CMMC certification is not a way of pushing away small businesses but protecting them.
  • The easiest way to destroy a business is from within.
  • The number one person in a company who’s most likely to get hacked is an executive assistant.
  • The easiest way for a hacker or breacher to get into the federal networks is through the weakest point, and that’s through small businesses contracting with the government.

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