Contact Tracing-A New Business Opportunity for MBEs

About the Episode:

The elephant in the room today is Covid-19. We have recognized that it is not an either-or question of containing the virus or opening the economy. It is just one question; How do we as a community, as a state, or as a nation come to feel safe and healthy enough to go outdoors and proceed with what we used to call our normal way of life. We in the DMV have been blessed to have a leadership that has guided our infection rate low enough that we can proceed to the second phase of addressing this monster. We can come home amid the outbreak of covid-19 by instituting a method referred to as contact tracing and tracking. We have two experts in a webinar today who will help us understand this process. 

Contact Tracing has become a wide-open, capital-intensive human resource area, looking for a standard, new ideas, and new delivery models. Join us to discuss Contact Tracing and find your place in this potentially new leading-edge technology arena. We will explore what it really is and why it’s incredibly important to the health and welfare of our local communities. 

Featuring Panelists are;

  • Dennis Smith- Director, MBDA Business Centre, Washington DC.
  • Herb Jordan, III- Enterprise Chief Information, Officer Office of Enterprise Technology, Maryland Department of Health 
  • Jeff Stover, MPH- Executive Program adviser, Office of the Commissioner, Virginia Department of Health

Tune in!

Here’s What You’ll Get In This Episode

[00:08] A warm welcome by the host; Sharon Pinder

[02:01] This webinar’s agenda and introduction to the team

[08:31] Fireside chat with the Panelists

[10:53] Meet Herb from the state of Maryland and why he undertook the massive obligation

[13:30] What is contact tracing, and how it has progressed in the state of Maryland

[16:06] Questions for Herb Jordan

[23:20] Meet Jeff Stover from the Virginia Department of Health 

[23:53] How the state of Virginia has progressed with contact tracing

[25:37] Possible business opportunities that may surface as a result

[29:06] Questions for Jeff Stover

[31:26] Open Chat questions

[54:06] Southwest Ticket Give-away

[59:09] Wrap-up and call to action

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